Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth (3 of 4)


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Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

By Yehudi Mercado



ACT IIB On the Nazi island. Marian finds a film projector and plays the footage of Abner giving instructions on how to use some of the advanced weapons; laser rifles, electro nets, jet packs, grappling hooks. Abner then goes on to explain where the hidden Nazi army is training, deep in a rainforest in Brazil. He goes on to explain the Fountain of Youth, it turns out that it’s actually a time portal. The hidden Nazi army is waiting for the day when the world is on the brink of annihilation due to nuclear war. Indy, Butembo and Marian watch in horror at the sight of jet packed Nazis swarming over every major city. Marian can’t believe her father was ever a Nazi. Indy recognizes a landmark in the film, he knows where the Fountain of Youth must be.

And that’s when the Nazis show up! Heller tracked Indy down. Indy and crew try to fend off the Nazis with the advanced laser weapons while trying to escape, on their way to an escape sub, Marian grabs a notebook with charts for the Fountain of Youth. The sub races away from the island,  but Heller jetpacks onto the sub. Indy and Heller fight on the hull while Butembo attempts to steer the futuristic boat. Heller has Indy beaten and right when he has the opportunity to take the kill shot- he doubles over in pain. Indy gets Heller to confess that going back and forth through Fountain of Youth portal has side effects. Heller suddenly ages, he turns 80 right in front of Indy’s eyes. Heller’s dying words are, “The Fourth Reich cannot be stopped.”

Cut to map. Traveling from the South Pacific to the Brazilian rainforest. Indy notices the adventure has taken its toll on Marian. Marian insists she’s fine. Butembo has spoken to a few locals and learns where the hidden Nazi training camp is. As they traverse the thick jungle and come upon a Nazi outpost. Butembo looks at Marian growing weaker and tells Indy to take Marian to the Fountain while he distracts the guards. Indy and Butembo say their goodbyes.

While Indy and Marian take the way around, Butembo, wielding several advanced Nazi laser weapons, approaches the outpost. Butembo explains how the Nazis, back in 1938, sunk the cargo ship he was working on. They killed the entire crew, including his father figure Mr. Katanga. The Nazis open fire but Butembo unleashes hell. While Butembo mows through waves and waves of Nazis, Indy and Marian board a rickety old pulley driven skylift.

As more attention is drawn to Butembo, the alarms go off. More and more Nazis emerge from the forest, they shoot at Indy and Marian in the sky buckets. The rope is severed, their bucket drops and swings through the trees. Marian and Indy land at the mouth of the Fountain of Youth.

End Act IIB

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth (2 of 4)


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Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth Act II A

By Yehudi Mercado

Read Act I First

ACT IIA. Historic Field Museum in Chicago. Heller and Indiana Jones stay hidden in the Ancient Americas exhibit until closing time. Indy has trouble with the new high tech security system, he’s used to booby traps and poison darts. As they sneak through the museum, avoiding the nightguards, Indy and Heller discuss the old days. Heller needles Indy about destroying more relics than he’s ever saved, even echoing his famous “It belongs in a museum” line. Heller goes on to explain how the world would be in a much better place had the Nazis won WWII. Indy uses John Glenn’s orbit around the the Earth as an example of America’s greatness, Heller clarifies that America is using Nazi scientists to advance NASA and that Germany would have established a base on the moon by now.

They reach the Ancient Egyptian exhibit where a display of old archeological equipment has Belloq’s old pocket watch. Indy notices Heller is attempting to conceal chest pains. They steal the pocket watch, but trip the alarms. They must escape via the waterways of Chicago. Boat chase!

Later. Airfield outside of Chicago. Belloq’s pocket watch has a homing signal that will lead them to an old secret Nazi base in the South Pacific. Now that Heller has what he wants Indy demands the map to the Fountain of Youth. Heller pulls a gun and explains that there is a whole army of Nazis ready to reclaim the world once they get their hands on advanced weapons from this secret island. Indy and Heller fight.

That’s when the henchmen attack. Heller escapes on a cargo plane with his Nazi henchmen, Indy chases after them in a biplane. Air chase! Inday manages to make a midair leap to make it onboard the Nazi cargo plane. Indy fights Heller, but the Nazis have advanced laser weapons and what appear to be jetpacks. Indy is pushed out of the plane but snags a jetpack on the way out. As he’s plummeting to earth, Indy activates the jetpack and lands somewhat safely. He was however able to steal back the pocket watch.

Back at home. Indy informs Butembo and Marian on what he’s just done. Their only hope is to use the pocket watch to find the secret base and hope it holds the answers to where Heller’s Fountain of Youth is. Marian wants to go with them, Indy insists she stays, for her health. Marian punches Indy square in the jaw, like the old days and reminds him that she’s not dead yet.

Cut to map. Traveling to a tiny island in the South Pacific. Butembo, Indy and Marian take a tiny boat to the island. There the trio finds the dormant advanced weapons lab, untouched since the fall of the Third Reich. But the real surprise comes when they find out who set up the lab… Marian’s father ABNER RAVENWOOD!