Zomb_InstagramIt’s Halloween in Pantalones and everyone is ready to go trick or treating, but Bucky can’t eat any candy because of a dentist appointment! He stashes his candy in his piñata for safekeeping, but on Halloween, piñatas that are fed come back to life. Chico is the first victim and becomes a Zombie Piñata-a ZomBiñata!-and the rest of the gang must figure out how to turn him back before they turn, too. The only tools on their side are toothpaste, costumes, and lots of candy-but which one will save them?
20 mini-comics per bundle; sold at $4.99 per bundle. Available individually for FREE at participating comic shops during Halloween ComicFest 2013.

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Get to know the troublemakin’ kids from Pantalones, TX in the first book, PANTALONES, TX: Don’t Chicken Out!

And watch the ANIMATIC for the animated short, PANTALONES, TX: Ghost Town & Down.

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